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    Default FEL Basics

    Have an L285, which no one seems to know about. 30 hp rear pto only. I am convincing myself that I have to have a FEL, but know little about them. (thought i'd never need one)

    I prefer the used market. Are the FELs designed to match particular tractors or sizes of tractors? How can I be sure my tractor can accept one? What about hydraulics? Is it a stand alone hyd. pump, or is the pump run via PTO?

    My other problem is that I can't stop buying implements. Why use my back when I have a 3 pt hitch?

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    Default Re: FEL Basics

    Well, you have taken the first step and admitted to your addiction to tractor attachments. Actually, most of us who frequent this site have the same addiction, however, not many really want to get "the cure".

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    Default Re: FEL Basics


    I don't know much of anything about an L285, except that it's an older kubota.

    However, I would expect that it's got hydraulic ports, and "should" be fittable with a FEL. You're right, the FEL usually is made to match-up with a particular tractor. Woods makes a few models that adapt to different tractors, as do others. Because your tractor is an older model, I would assume that you can't get a FEL from a Kubota dealer any more, unless you were real lucky.

    Don't worry about that little addiction. It's mostly harmless, with the possible exception of your pocket book. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif[/img] The thing that keeps me from buying too many implements is not having enough places to put them all. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    The GlueGuy

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