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    Default Re: Rear Blade-Top-links & skid shoes


    I don't have the tools or skills necessary to do that. Even though I know it's basically a matter of just drilling a few holes in the blade (based on what I could see from the larger blades), they way my luck goes, I would end up with incorrectly measured holes all over the blade (so I'd end up with a pegboard)!

    That's why I was curious as to why Woods just doesn't drill these in the first place.

    I was thinking about it and figure that I could probably avoid drilling by getting strong and long enough angle iron to clip on somehow. Wouldn't need the shoes for dirt, so they don't have to be superstrong.

    What would you need welded? I would think that the only modification would be the drilling of the holes.

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    Default Re: Rear Blade-Top-links & skid shoes

    The skid shoes I have are not from woods. They are basically L-shaped shoes which have two slots milled into them. This is to let the shoe slide up and down for adjustment (height and when not needed). Here's what they look like Skid Shoes (Picture courtesy John Miller - [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]).

    I originally thought of drilling holes through the blade but my neighbor suggest that we weld some grade 8 nuts on to the back of the blade and then screw in the bolts. Ajustment will be done with multiple nuts on the bolt to hold the shoes in place. I do not have the tools or the skills either. My neighbor has tons of equipment (luckily for me!) and loves to build and fix things. I'll provide pictures when I'm done to illustrate the work.

    I looked at some other options prior to picking these shoes up from John Miller. You gotta know someone who has the equipment and basic skills to help. I trade some tractor time around his house for his skills and help. Plus some fellowship and picking on the our teenage kids (boys and girls - all equal in our eyes) when they stop to visit and ask questions. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: Rear Blade quality

    RichS -

    I'm interested in this blade and also in NH. Who was the
    dealer you bought yours from?


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