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    Default Free Spool Mechanism

    After reviewing all the posts on log winches, I have been checking into some options of making one on my box blade. I have a spool and hydraulic motor lined up and am looking for ways to allow for free spooling. Has anyone seen a practical approach to allow the drum to free wheel?

    Thanks in advance for any suggstions!

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    There is a valve that does exactly what you want. Of course I do not know the name of it but if you look around some you will find it. There is another valve that allows you to control the speed of the motor but it is not the one you want. You could of course use both of these together if you wanted but they are not interchangeable to the best of my knowledge.

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    Default Re: Free Spool Mechanism

    This should be a function of the winch it's self. Doesn't it have a t-handle or something to unlock the drum from the gearbox?

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