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    Default Box Scraper size??

    Can anyone suggest which size (60" or 65") box scraper to purchase for my just slightly less than 5 foot tractor width. I am surprised that these two sizes are both available being only 5 inches apart. I am thinking that subtle differences are somehow necessary or at least desirable so I don't want to make the wrong decision. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Default Re: Box Scraper size??

    I suggest that you get one that is slightly wider than your loader bucket, or rear tires, whichever is wider.

    If you have a high HP/weight tractor maybe going even wider might work fine. If you don't do heavy digging with the box blade maybe going wider will be fine.

    My experience tells me that I would not want a box blade that was narrower than my loader bucket, because there have been times when I scraped with the box, and then followed it with the loader bucket while scraping more with the box at the same time.

    In MY mind, a good match is keeping the loader bucket and box blade both wider than the tractor tires. How much wider depends on the tractor and how much power it has.

    Edit: I also think I would want the box to be equal or wider in width to the loader bucket. That way the loader could run down a slot cut by the box blade...a box blade narrower than the loader would not be as useful in my opinion. I can't say experience, since I have a 54" loader bucket and a 60" box blade...

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    Default Re: Box Scraper size??

    If your tractor is 60" wide, I'd go with a 72" box. The reason being is that only 5" is very close for when you need to get up close to building, or say, a driveway and remove dirt.

    I made the mistake of buying a box that was just about the same width as my rear tires. Now, when I need to go parallel to a building, I have to swing the tractor so that the box goes up near the building, and do that several times in order to remove the soil. With a 72" box, you'd have enough sticking out on each side that you could easily get your tractor and box moving along whatever stucture you're working with.

    I would imagine that if your tractor is 5 feet wide, it will easily handle a 6' box. With anything smaller, I'm not sure you would have a comfortable clearance of the tractor in a situation such as I describe.

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