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    Default Land Pride 2572 Grooming Mower Quick Attach

    Hi all -

    I just bought a Land Pride 2572 Rear Grooming mower for my JD 4300. It does not appear to be at all compatable with my Speedco quick attach hitch. I have found away to hook up just about every other implement, but the mower seems impossible. Any one else have this problem? Any solutions?
    Mower is much less usable without being able to use the quick attach.

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    Well I don't know what problem you're having, but do you need to turn the pins in from where they are? Would that solve your problem? On some implements this is a fix, but I've never used the speeco hitch, so I don't know.

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    Default Re: Land Pride 2572 Grooming Mower Quick Attach

    I guess the main problem is that the drive line hits the bottom of the quick attact hitch while going over a dip in the yard.

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    Default Re: Land Pride 2572 Grooming Mower Quick Attach

    Okay, trying to visualize it without owning one.
    It's possible that if you moved your hitch arms to the other set of wholes it probably has, the arms will hang lower and may solve the problem.

    I'm talking about where the upper arms come down and connect onto the hitch arms. Mine has two holes, some have only one.

    Try moving the attachment on both sides to the other hole and see if that helps.
    EDIT: If you need a picture to understand where I'm talking about, I'll get you one of mine. It's sometimes hard to explain exactly with words.

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