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    Default Middlebuster or Bottom plow

    Been looking at getting a middlebuster for making ditchs and breaking up ground for reshaping. While looking for the middlebuster, I ran across some pictures of bottom plows, they look the same, only the bottom plow sets back further.
    So, which would work better behind my tractor(TC33d) for breaking ground. Most of my land is rocky clay with some good soil on top.
    Tried using my rear blade to cut into the soil, but it makes it real hard to cut a straight line when bumping thru rocks and a strong pull on the side where the blade is cutting. Even in 4wd, I can only get down to 6/10 inchs thru the soil.


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    Default Re: Middlebuster or Bottom plow

    <font color=blue>they look the same</font color=blue>

    Look again, Mike. The middle buster throws the dirt both directions; right and left (best for digging potatoes, making a trench or ditch, etc.). The "bottom plow", "turning plow", or "moldboard" rolls the dirt over to the right, and properly adjusted, on the next pass rolls the dirt over against the last row (best for breaking ground, especially large areas, where you intend to level, smooth, or plant). However, you can get the job done with either plow; just that one works better for some jobs and the other better for other jobs.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Middlebuster or Bottom plow

    i have a mid. buster by fred cain impl. co. and it very useful i break up ground for turnips and plow a new drain ditch for my driveway best 85.00 usd i have spent in a long time

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    Default Re: Middlebuster or Bottom plow

    Hi 3010S,

    No one sells Fred Cain implements in our area...

    I seen a Fred Cain sub-soiler that I really liked, can you get a price for me? Or have your dealer email me at

    Mostly on these implements, the shipping kills the deal... but we'll see...

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