Well, I finally broke down and bought that used Gannon box blade today. I gave $875 for it versus $1600 for a new one. It's a little banged up but I can do a lot of welding on it when it needs it for $725. I was doing some dirtwork and the wet clay I was moving would get both back wheels of my TN 65 off the ground. I forget the model number of this Gannon but it has the lever operated scarifiers and weighs around 900 pounds versus the 400 or so pounds the five foot blade from my 8N weighs. I spread the clay out some to see if it will dry a little and I'm going back tomorrow and try it out. I also broke down and got a low pressure gauge. I knew the back tires were over inflated because the tires showed a six inch patch after running on the road. Try 25 and 30 PSI on the rears! I like my dealership but they need to do something about their setup man.