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    Default Adding Gauge Wheels to Rake

    I just picked up a 6 foot King Kutter landscape rake for $224 at Central Tractors liquidation here in the Vestal, NY store. (I also picked up a 6 bushel spreader for salt for $210) I think I got two pretty good deals. What do others think? Also, I'd like to add gauge wheels to the landscape rake for gravel drive work. The CT catalog listed a gauge wheel option for $189 list, but this was special order only, so no go under liquidation. Can I make them myself or are they cheap enough to justify buying them. Where can I get them? Do they need to be specific to the rake, or is there a supplier of a generic add-on. I'd like to use a pair at each side, rather than one in the middle.

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    Default Re: Adding Gauge Wheels to Rake

    Pault,I made gauge wheels for my 6ft. rake that I got at CT for only $100.00. It was missing the top part of the 3pt. I just used some scrap steel I had on hand and ordered the tires and wheels from Harbor freight for $8 each. It does make a big difference having the wheels. Attached is a photo of the rake with wheels, as well as the stand that allows me to roll it around.
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    Default Re: Adding Gauge Wheels to Rake

    <font color=blue>I think I got two pretty good deals. What do others think? </font color=blue>

    Well, Paul, I think you got a terrible deal on the rake, but if you just send it to your ol' pal Harv, I'll take if off your hands for you.

    From what I've read here on this board, the guage wheels are a good idea, so please keep us posted as to what you come up with.

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    Default Re: Adding Gauge Wheels to Rake

    Pault, You can see the add on wheels I made for my rake at:

    The wheel hight is adjustable. The wheels swivel and have 10" air filled tires. I have used this setup for 3 years and in the winter I bolted a steel plate to the rake tines and used it to plow snow before I got a rear blade. Works pretty good for plowing and the wheels are great for all uses.


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