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    I have been reading this board for some time and find it extremely educational. I am interested in buying a tiller and have pretty much decided on a KK TG-60. The problem is locating one on the west coast at a reasonable price. I see that they can be found back east for around 1000.00. Out here they want about 1500.00. Anyone know of a store in Cal. that sells them at a reasonable price? No TSC or Farm/Country stores out here that I know of.

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    Where have you seen them for $1000 in the east? I'm shopping for a 72 incher or up, and have only found a rusty "Gill" for $1200.

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    In searching this board, I have seen a number of comments that the KK 60" sells for about 1000 at TSC and Farm&Country . Unfortunately, Farm&Country seems to be going out of business and there are no TSC stores out West.
    I would imagine there are similar stores somewhere in Ca. or Oregon but do not know for sure. KK tells me their 60" tiller has a MSRP of 1600.00. They deliver to Gearmore, in Cal., but Gearmore says their MSRP is 1830.00. Must use really good paint. Might be cheaper to get a KK shipped from back east. Not that I am cheap but I am quite POOR.

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