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    Default 3PH scrubbing tires

    I've had a problem with minimal clearance in the inside of the R4 tires on my JD 4100 for the lift arms of the 3 point hitch. If the sway links (turnbuckles) aren't adjusted exactly perfect, I'll scrub the inside of the tire with the lift arms. I have seen this mentioned on a couple of the posts on TBN, and I don't want to turn the rims around and increase the width of the tractor.

    The fix is real simple. Run, don't walk, to your nearest CT/Quality Farm Store before it closes (or someplace else) and buy a half dozen 7/8" flat washers. Before inserting the Lynch pins, slip two or three washers between the spee-ball and Lynch pin to take up the slack. This keeps the lift arms inward just enough to allow more room between the tires and lift arms. I "store" any extra/unused washers on the top link pin. It has worked well for me.

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    Default Re: 3PH scrubbing tires

    i had this same issue with the 3pt rough mower.
    i switched the pins on the mower from outside to inside.
    i also use the washer method on the other implements.

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