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    Default Snowblower Results

    I live in Massachusetts. We get snow, but not obscene amounts.
    I have about a 700' dirt driveway.
    For the past three years, I've used a 60" backblade on my BX1500 to move snow.
    This worked, and certainly was the cheapest option.
    When the snow got deep and/or heavy, I'd skim off most of it with the loader, and go back to get the last inch or two with the blade.
    Using a loader to move snow on a lengthy driveway takes a long time.

    Anyway, this past summer I bought a PTO snowblower.
    We didn't really have much snow this year - only two plowable storms.
    But in both cases, the blower was a great choice.

    This past weekend, we had 8" of, well, they called it snow, but its water content was very high.
    The snowblower handled it great.

    One of the objections to a snowblower seems to be how slowly you have to go. I haven't found that.

    I can see that a snowblower might not be a good choice if you have a gear tractor - you do have to match the speed to the snow depth and consistency, but with a hydro, this is quite easy.

    Anyway, I'm very happy I sprung for a snowblower.

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    Default Re: Snowblower Results

    Like you I did the back blade snow removal for a few years and last year I purchased a snowblower and it worked great for me. We have a 1000 feet of driveway and it is nice to use the blower, still have snow banks but they are 30 feet away.

    I have a B-7500 and no problems with it. Maybe more snow storms next year to give it a better workout.

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