Needing some help.

I have a BURCH Planter from Evansville, Ind. Maybe late 60's mid 70's era. We are trying to get it to Plant Sweet Corn. ( Kandy Corn) to be exact. We are using a 984 Small planter plate, Which we believe has the correct width, depth, height of the "Cell" for the corn seed. Everything has been taken completely apart, cleaned , wired wheeled to remove any rust scale. Even took a fine grit Dremel Wheel and polished the Cells on the Planter plate.

We checked and replaced the springs in the roller foot aparatus.

Problem is :

It will Drop seeds every 8-10 inches for 6 to 8 feet, then start dropping 2,3,4 kernels all within a 4 inch area, then go 8-10 inches and spit another 3 kernels.

So we raised the planter off the ground put a couple handfuls of kernels in the Planter Box. Then rotated the packer wheel, and noticed that it would drop one kernel while the kernels were "Spread" out across the bottom of the Box. But as the plate continued to rotate, the kernels would start collecting at the Trigger/Roller foot aparatus, when a large number of kernels built up, the Trigger would spring up and let 3-4 kernels through along with the one kernel in the CELL.

Please give any advice that would help resolve this.