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    I received a private message (attached) from a new member called Bluff Country. I was on vacation for 14 days and just arrived home to find the message. I have tried to respond but get the note that there is no member called Bluff Country. They are not familiar with the forum or private messaging and are having a little difficulty, maybe the mods could help them out.
    I am satisfied with my older RTV 900. Once in a while it gets a little quirky on shifting and tires and a winch will be a positive asset. The 900 climbs well well in low range and 4w drive for me. I could not give any current prices as my machine is approaching three years old. I have no experience with the mountains, maybe some other members might step up and share their experience with him or her.

    RTV 900 for woods and hills


    I am comparing the RTV 900 to Polaris Ranger for use in Minnesota woods that include bluff roads that go from the valley to the ridge and can get pretty steep. I have read a lot of postings and some say the RTV 900 can lack power climbing hills and have trouble shifting. What has your experience been? Are the new ones better? I'm also concerned about the standard tires that come on the worksite model. Should I swap for MudLites or Bighorns for better traction on the hills and in the woods. I plan to use it for cutting firewood and maintaining bluff roads. Last question is if $11,000 delivered for the worksite utility is a good price?


    Bluff Country

    BTW I am new to the discussion group and could not find how to post a message to a group.

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    Bluff Country,
    That would be a great negotiation block before the purchase with the dealer. I myself, purchased a RTV 900 in Feb., 2007, while dealing, I made my dealer swap the tires on the unit purchased for the more aggressive tires that is on the Camo
    Rec. models, they do really good now, but later on this year, when the swamps get really nasty, going to purchase some ITP 589'S M/S . I have seen what these tires will do, and they grip & pull fantastic. Also, make your dealer do the fluid change of the oil and tranny at 50 hrs at his cost. Your dealer can & will do the tire thing at no cost, like mine, if he wants to make the deal. Your price of $11,000 sounds fair for both of ya'll, but remember, do all you can do with the free stuff before the check is in his hands. Go ahead and get the RTV of your choice, being the 900 or the 1100, you will not be disappointed at all, remember, these units are for working, they are not that fast, but they are strong as a OX. Wish I would have purchase one of these years ago. Like another gentleman said on another forum, Comparing the RTV to other utility vehicles is like comparing a Peterbuilt to a Porsche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWO GUNS
    Like another gentleman said on another forum, Comparing the RTV to other utility vehicles is like comparing a Peterbuilt to a Porsche.
    Who ever said I was a gentleman?

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    Don't wish a Peterbilt OR a Porsche! Sure hope Honda announces something this September at the annual dealer show. Without a belt drive please! However, drooling over the RTV1100 with A/C to keep the cab cool and dust out. At age 65 and counting need comfort more than speed.

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