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    Default Ordered my RTV900! Couple questions

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

    After much deliberation I decided to pull the trigger on a RTV900. I own an orange orchard in Australia and have had honda 4 wheelers for years, but decided I wanted something a little more this time around.

    I looked at the Yamaha Rhino but that seemed more geared towards fun than work. I then demoed a Kawasaki mule diesel 3010. I really liked this machine, and was ready to buy one, but then I thought I would see how close I could get the price on a kubota RTV900 to the mule. A couple friends have the Kubota and swear by it. I know they have a great reputation also, and I own a Kubota tractor too.

    Anyway, long story short I got the Kubota base model RTV900 for only $500 more.

    I haven't seen one in the flesh, but I trust it will be better than the mule so I went with it.

    Now to my question!

    Is there a way to increase the top end speed? I know they do about 40km/h. Any way of getting that closer to 50?? The property is quite long, and it would be handy to be able to get from one end to the other quickly.

    Looking forward to delivery!!!


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    Default Re: Ordered my RTV900! Couple questions

    I thought the same thing about wanting more top speed on my 900. However, after using it for a while, 25 mph is just fine and I rarely go that fast anyway. Make sure you get the snorkel air cleaner setup as it will run stronger (more air intake) and will have less chance of getting dust (stock one is at ground level), and get the ATV tires instead of the work tires that come with it. My .02 cents worth.

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    Default Re: Ordered my RTV900! Couple questions

    Hi pappy19, thanks for your reply. I have got the snorkel being fitted, as well as a canopy and tow bar (can't believe it didn't come with one!!)
    40km/h will probably be fine I know, but I do ride my current 4 wheeler motobikes at about 50km/h fairly often. Just thought if I could get the RTV900 up to that speed then I really won't miss anything. But then I have quite a few kangaroos jumping around too, and hitting one of them at 50 wouldn't be nice..... so maybe I'll just be content with what it does.

    We don't get a choice of tyres over here in Oz. I think they come with the ATV style tyres as standard.

    Actually just checked and they come with either turf or worksite, what ever they are. I assume they will order it with the latter. Knowing my application.

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    Default Re: Ordered my RTV900! Couple questions

    Sent you a email, take a look ~~~~

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