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    Default Fair Price on '07 RTV900 with lots of hours

    I have been looking on Craiglist for UTVs and ran across an '07 RTV 900. It has 1800 hours on it. I talked to the owner on the phone and he indicated that it was used on a 150 Acre Farm- mostly to drive from building to building, but the hours were not too harsh. It has the factory roof and windshield plus a heater. He is asking $6K for it, which I thought sounded a little high for that many hours. He said he performed the maintenance per the Owner's Manual recommendations, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Does that sound like a fair price or should I expect a lower price for that many hours. If taken care of, would 1800 hrs be a problem? He said he paid approx. $12K new.

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    Default Re: Fair Price on '07 RTV900 with lots of hours

    One thing to consider is if it is actually 1800 hrs. The hour meter is based on the key switch and if the key is not turned all the way off and removed, it has happend that the hour meter will add up with the engine off. He is not too far off with the price he is asking.

    If it has the steel canopy, glass windshield and heater, he also may have the heavy duty front coil springs as well.

    A farmer down the road from me has 8 rtv900's that are used every day by the farm hands, and the hours can add up fast without it having hard duty.
    Some of his 2007 units already are pushing 3000 hrs without any issues.

    Get the serial number and the dealer who serviced it and ask the service department if there were any major issues with it.

    I was looking as some used equipment and did just that. Found out that what the quy was trying to sell me had really bad issues that needed to be addressed. He was saying that it was in great shape. I walked away pretty fast.

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