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    Default Alternator Check on RTV 500????

    Anybody know of an easy way to test the alternator on a RTV 500? I've gone to start my 500 a few times now and had to get a battery jump box to get it to kick over. I know the winch draws alot of power and I could just be running it down but I want to be certain my alternator is OK while it's still under warranty.

    If the alternator is OK I'll just go find an AGM deep cycle battery that fits and be done with it.

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    Default Re: Alternator Check on RTV 500????

    You can use automotive test equipment. The best way is a load tester. These put a load on the alternator and allow you to measure the current and voltage output of the alternator under load. However, these typically cost several hundred bucks. Your local auto mechanic should be able to do it for you.

    If you have a volt meter you can do a simple voltage check at the battery to at least verify the alternator is putting out something before paying someone to do a load test. With the engine running the voltage should be 14 to 14.7 volts. Turn on the lights and check the voltage again. If the voltage drops below 14, then you may have an alternator problem. The problem could also be the battery. With the engine off, battery voltage should be about 12.5 volts. A freshly charged battery will often read higher, but if your battery is less than 12 volts it may be the problem.

    I cannot remember if that battery has removable caps so that you can check the fluid level, but if the level is low to where the plates are exposed, then you have already damaged your battery. Refilling will probably restore most of the battery power but its life will be shortened. Charge the battery overnight and then try the voltage test again.
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    Default Re: Alternator Check on RTV 500????

    The winch draws alot of power, but that shoudn't overrun the alternator, unless the winch is running constantly.

    I had the lift actuator and 3 worklights running while powing for 2 hours at a time on my 500 and never had a problem. generally, if your headlights are good and bright with only a slight dip in brightness when running the winch, I'd say the alternator is doing it's job. Can't run and injected vehicle long on battery only.
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