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    Default Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    I have a new JD Gator XUV 825i with 16 hours on it. It has developed an annoying metal/rattle type sound coming from the engine area. I had not noticed this sound until the 10 hr service was performed at the JD dealership. I let them know about it when I got home and noticed the rattling sound. By the way, on the 10 hr service, there was a problem when shifting to forward gear. It would not always go into gear properly. They made adjustments to the shift linkage and also found that the engine idle rpm was way too high and lowered it. I carried the Gator back in this week and they kept it for 3 days. They hear the rattle too, but cannot find the source. They told me to take it home and to let them know if it gets any worse. Bottom line, I'm not happy about having to deal with this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    I'd take it back and make them deal with it until it was fixed.

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    I'm sure that's what I'll end up doing. Just looking to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem with their 825i, and if so, what was it? Thanks

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    first year out i'm sure there are gonna be a few problems with it. i always wait til it's been out atleast a year before buying any utv.if your dealer is as good as the one by my house i'm sure they will take care of you and the xuv. keep us posted on any new updates i'm sure alot of people are looking for good on hands owner tested info the new xuv's with the new motor.
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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    Does your's have the performance exhaust?? JD has a PIP out currently on an exhaust issue. Mine does not rattle, but I know a few that do. Thus far 40 hours and no problems aside from the feeling of binding in four wheel drive with my heavy snowblade up. Fluid change and tire pressure adjustment and off I went no problems.

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    I've been getting some input about this rattling sound from various discussion boards. The consensus seems to be a problem with the front differential. This is a known issue with JD. Here is a post from someone who responded with more specific information. He had the differential replaced and that took care of it:

    "I should have actually said the engine is directly connected to the transmission (solid, no rubber), which is directly connected to the driveshaft (solid, no rubber). While the engine and transmission have rubber mounts, this driveshaft does not. So, you can understand vibrations would be transmitted from the engine/transmission to the driveshaft and its mounts (pillow block type bearings, in the automotive world they are referred to as center or hanger bearings. In the ag world they call them pillow block bearings) - causing the rattle. I think mine had like 14 miles on it when it started."

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    Hey Dad - Hows Rick?

    No really since you and I are some of the few who have published issues about the new XUVs here on TBN could you please keep us updated??? PLEASE
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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    Check the gasket between your exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. A friend of mine rattled and it was that gasket. Hopes this helps.

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    Default Re: Problem with new JD Gator XUV 825i

    Let us know?

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