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    Default RTV 500 Adjusted the servo & X over Bed-Box

    Well, I did it this afternoon and it worked. With all but one adjustments made, the thing jumps from an idle and the power transfers a lot better; I don't have to let off the gas for the hst to downshift.

    Honestly, she almost broke traction on the wet asphalt. I still want to "make some room" by adjusting the throttle-stop at the engine as she peaks at 3,900 rpm, but I am glad it is done.

    As usual, I painted parts of the tranny "blood-red"; I caught my knuckle on
    something when I was removing the world's craziest looking cotter pin from the pedal cable assembly at the bell crank.

    Thanks to all the posts and info on this, I would not have known. I really appreciate being in this forum.

    I also mounted an X-over bed-box that I made off some shop-floor cedar and fir; I still want to paint it a foliage color, but I plan to load it up with chainsaws, fuel and tools next week and break it in.

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    Default Re: RTV 500 Adjusted the servo & X over Bed-Box

    Good deal. It's amazing the difference the adjustments make, mine will take off spinning the tires in dirt now. Not sure about pavement my buggy hasn't seen any yet. If dealers set all these units up this way prior to delivery I think they'd have a lot happier customer.

    Your box looks nice, that gives you alot more room for stuff.

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    Default Re: RTV 500 Adjusted the servo & X over Bed-Box

    Ok, so I have been considering these adjustments on my K 500 but i'm no mechanic. So how long did they take you? And do I need some fancy gizmo to measure RPMs and such for this task?

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    Default Re: RTV 500 Adjusted the servo & X over Bed-Box

    I did it once so now I appear to be a brand new 2nd Lieutenant when I make the claim:

    "This is how I always do it".

    I used a 12mm for the linkage, a 13mm for the pedal stop in the cab and a short 14mm for the servo stop-nut. I had previously installed a tachometer in the dash where the speed-ometer belongs.

    I basically followed the advice in these two posts:

    There was some discovery learning on the cable adjustments; I didn't know which way the lever would move, so I went back and fourth a couple times. I used a telescopic handle (pressed against the seat) to hold the pedal to the floor.

    I was done with everything (except the throttle-stop adjustment at the engine) in about an hour. The engine piece of the project looks easy except for all the wires and stuff in the way. Thats real close to where I affixed the inductive pickup clamp for my tachometer. My RPM is right at 3,900, it feels like I need to make room for the increased cable travel at the engine.

    This thing is pretty tough, as long as the pedal-stop in the cab "bottoms out" before the lever at the servo..........

    It is worth it.

    Another thank you to the help I get in this forum.
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