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    Default so i have a dilemma..

    so I have a farm.. 272 acres.. mostly wooded.. for a bout 4 months..
    I have a kubota RTV 1140.. awesome..

    and i have alot of plans..
    barn will be in shortly..
    house and moving there is about 4 years off.

    I need the ability to cut grass, and level terrain. and I dont want to wait a few years till i can get a tractor. ive seen "atv" tow behind mowers, and i assume there is some kind of tow behind tiller..

    should i wait a year or so and buy a tractor.. or buy a riding mower.. or a tow behind mower? just dont want to waste money now that wont be used later.

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    Default Re: so i have a dilemma..

    I have used the tow behind mowers and they are great to use. I cannot comment on the tiller.

    I wouldnt hesitate to buy a pull behind mower if I was in need of a mower and diddnt want to lay out a the dough for a good stand alone mower.

    I can say I have been looking for a used brushcutter style and they appear to hold their value well. I can get the brushcutter version for 1400 and I see them on craigs list routinly for 900. I called on a few of them and they had sold.
    If I had one I would continue to use it on trails and the like too small for a tractor and too big or rough for a rider.

    I have had the oposite progression, I have tractors and skid loader, 0 turn, regular rider and find myself wanting to work in the woods places the above cant get to easily hence my quad... I think you will find a use for it.

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    Default Re: so i have a dilemma..

    I used my brothers pull behind for a summer. It is the smaller one TSP sells, the one with 2 wheels. My place is not flat and has lots of rolling hills. I would use it offset to the tractor. The front would dig in going over some of the smaller terrain changes. This is the only issue I had using it. If I had to have one I would get the bigger one with 4 wheels. It would cure the issue I had.

    These things aren't cheap, plus you burning double the fuel. I would throw another $1000 or 2 with it and by a lightly used zero turn. It will mow faster than any tractor you can buy. Should last you for a long time. I am on my 2 law tractor (all acquired for cheap (<$300). When this one dies this is what I'm doing. The neighbor mows the same yard in a 1/3 of the time it takes me.

    Remember my uncle had a pull behind tiller for his garden, back in the late 80's. Remember my dad saying you had to make a couple passes with it because it wasn't heavy enough. But it got the job done. Haven't seen one lately.
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    Default Re: so i have a dilemma..

    I don't have a tractor yet either

    meet my clean up crew.

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    Default Re: so i have a dilemma..

    I gotta be honest.... the 1140 is a magnificent tool....I have one and use it daily on my 200+ acres.

    Further, I couldn't get any of the heavy work done without my L5030 and it's numerous attachments. Until you can afford a tractor in the 50 to 60 hp range and attachments, you need to put all upgrades and modifications to the property on hold. Trying to do almost anything without a significant set of the stuff in my signature will simply lead to frustration, lots of sweat, and turtle-like progress on the project you are seeking to accomplish. This includes fencing, road maintenance, logging, crop/grass improvement, etc.

    Thus, I urge you to get a 50+hp tractor with carefully selected implements ASAP. New isn't necessary but the tractor and attachments are.
    Joy is having the tools you need and needing the tools you have!

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