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    Default Acrease tow mowers?

    Has anyone tried any of the mowers made by Kuntz Engineering called the AcrEase?

    I have a few acres of dryland pasture to keep mowed. There are some slopes and rougher spots, so would prefer to use an ATV to mow it. Will be using a Can Am Outlander 800 Max XT to tow it, and am looking at the rough cut mower.

    Any thoughts, experience or advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pac Coast View Post
    Has anyone tried any of the mowers made by Kuntz Engineering called the AcrEase?

    I have a few acres of dryland pasture to keep mowed. There are some slopes and rougher spots, so would prefer to use an ATV to mow it. Will be using a Can Am Outlander 800 Max XT to tow it, and am looking at the rough cut mower.

    Any thoughts, experience or advice would be appreciated.
    I believe DR makes good trail mowers,and swisher.Havent heard of the one listed above

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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I have their MR55B 57" rough cut mower with the Briggs & Stratton engine. I looked at the Kohler engine, but the sales person talked me out of it, saying that the B&S engine would do me just fine and cost a lot less.

    I actually picked it up at their manufacturing building. It is a small family business - the kind of business that is the foundation of America. They knew so much about their products, about the options, .... very impressive.

    My first impression ... the thing is big. Pictures don't do it justice.

    We recently bought property in northern Wisconsin. Our JD 3320 tractor is at home in Illinois. We didn't want to haul it back and forth, and we didn't want to buy another tractor, so instead we got an ATV and the rough cut mower.

    I'm now into the second season using the mower and have to say I'm really really impressed. The engine starts very well. The height control is super easy to use. It is reasonably easy to hand pull it out of my barn and hook it up. I put a receiver hitch on the ATV and use a hitch w/o the ball on it. I tend to worry a bit whether the screw-in shackle pin (that fastens it to the hitch) will work loose and get lost. Eventually I need to buy a spare shackle - to be safe - not a big deal.

    A few weeks ago we got to the property and found the field to be amazingly high - it hadn't been cut all season (easily over 20" tall - many weeds almost 4' tall). Hitting the grass at high speed would kill the engine, but if I kept the speed below 3-4 MPH it did great at full width. I think that sounds reasonable. One thing that surprised us is that after cutting you just don't see clumps. It looks pretty nice.

    I think the mower is more expensive than the Swisher counterparts, but it is a tank. Built tough. In one of the first uses I accidentally ran over one of the long dog stakes. It ripped it out of the ground and cut it into a few pieces, but no damage to the mower at all - none.

    Oh, when I bought it I was wondering if it was a mistake getting a mower that didn't have a remote start/stop. After two seasons I think the remote control would be more of a hassle (with the cable and attaching) than useful.

    I'd buy it again in a heart beat.

    Now the ATV is another story. I bought a lightly used Honda Rincon for the automatic transmission. Its a great ATV, but it doesn't have a low speed. It wants to go fast, so mowing at lower speed for several hours is kind of tough. I might have gotten a different model had I known.

    One more point - the ability to mow with the mower offset is great for starting mowing since the property edges are heavy with raspberries. Mowing the edge without the offset is hard on the legs (ouch!!). All you do is disconnect the hitch arm, flip it over, and reconnect. Done. Simple.

    Regarding hills, this thing should be able to take any hill that the ATV can take. They told me that they use a special battery that can survive severe angles without spilling or getting damaged. Slick.
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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I've been using my Acrease MR55K for several years now to mow sloped areas where I don't want to take my tractor. It is a heavy duty mower. I went with the Kohler engine because at the time of purchase they did not offer another engine option that had pressure lubrication.

    The mower is very stable due to the offset wheels and would take a great deal to flip it. The design also makes mowing ditches and uneven ground a breeze. It does take some practice to get the hang of backing it up and if you have anything steep to mow, I would recommend a larger ATV, or UTV that weighs more than the mower.

    I use a 660 Grizzly to pull mine around, but will probably move to something a little heavier in the future as the added weight of the machine will help when climbing hills with the mower.

    The only problem I have had was the valve stem on one of the rear tires puked it it's guts this past weekend. The good news was it did it before I left the house.

    If you plan to haul the mower, get a 14-16ft trailer. You can also use a nail, screwdriver, pliers, etc to tighten that screw in shackle pin tighter than just with your thumb and finger, so you don't have to worry about it coming loose.

    I would also recommend adding some HiLifter tire sealant to all tires. It is a much better product than Slime IMHO.

    Good Luck with your purchase.
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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I don't have this specific brand but have used other brands. I really like these units and their flexibility to go where tractors have a tougher time due to size.

    The only real issues I have ever had is with the pull starters ... broken cords, pawls coming out, etc.

    So, my suggestion would be to get an electric start vs. a pull start.

    Good luck.


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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I Have an ArceEase that I pull with a Kawasaki 3010 mule. Got this mower just for mowing around our property and it works great, especially around the pond slopes that go from 2/1 to flat. The off set work great, and the Kohler engine is unstoppable. I would buy this mower again. I am selling mine

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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I have used Acrease finish mowers for 14 years. The two units I pull alongside my compact tractor are amazing. Quality is tops and if you call the manufacturer with any questions they know "everything" and always return a call same day if unavilable. Pulling two 5 footers at an offset along slopes saved me from buying a golf course mower ($50,000) or a 70hp tractor with a 15 foot batwing finish mower ($70,000).
    Normal maintenance has kept the Kohlers running well. 7 gauge steel construction has only resulted in paint chips if I smack one into a tree at speed. Just put some fresh tires and wheel bearings on one yesterday . Otherwise just grease and mow.
    My dealer said he sold a brush cutter to a local who loves it.
    These units may cost more than a swisher,DR, but , you get what you pay for. I am obviously a very happy customer. No I don't work for Acrease.

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    Default Re: Acrease tow mowers?

    I have had an acre ease mower from Kunz engineering for about 5 years now, before that I had a Swisher. No comparison and you absolutely get what you pay for. The Swisher said right on it don't exceed 5mph. You call Kunz engineering and they tell you to mow as fast as it can cut. I mow Bahia grass at 10-11 MPH with a 60" deck. Awesome mower, has electric start. I have horses now and don't have so much grass to mow so my garden tractor works fine so the Acre ease is for sale. The acre ease also works amazing on slopes, I tow it with a 4 wheeler, keep the 4 wheeler on the road offset the mower to the side and it mows the ditch.

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