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    Default Re: Ideas for a new UTV

    Look at the Bobcat 3400
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    Default Re: Ideas for a new UTV

    I have a RTV 1140 and run cattle. Nearing 200 hrs, no problems. Use it daily. Turn off switch to keep hour meter from advancing even when engine not running.
    I love it. So does wife. The power steering is a plus unavailable on most other such vehicles. HST transmission has been updated to resolve the abrupt deceleration found on older versions. No problem now. It drives very smooth, shifting high/medium/low/reverse is a little tricky but solid when you get used to it. Going to and from work site, I use HIGH. At work site, most often M. If pulling or need speed control, L.
    4 wheel drive seldom used unless wet muddy conditions, extreme terrain, pulling hard. Nevertheless, you NEED take these vehicles out when you NEED to and go places you NEED to go, thus weather and terrain are not always of your choosing...and 4wd will get you BACK when otherwise you would WALK back...I think it is a MUST for a WORK vehicle taken everywhere on a ranch.
    Diesel engine is very strong, maybe a bit more noisy than would like, but doesn't seem to scare cows, deer, can still talk while driving. The 1140 engine has a few more horsepower than other models. I put rubber bed in rear, helps with noise some. Diesel starts immediately, even in cold weather, and it does get into the teens in Texas, occasionally

    Things I would like to see improved...lighted gauges, different key location. Plastic windshield gets small scratches easily. MUST add a high rise air intake to keep air intake out of dust trail else must clean filter every 10 hrs or so.
    be aware, rear receiver hitch insert dead ends into rear axle and is kinda short. I had to cut about 1.5 inches off of receiver hitch and drill new pin hole.
    turning radius is wide, occasionally need to back up once in tight space.

    Things I like
    The two seats are more handy than I imagined. Not only can visitors jump in and be shown around, but it makes a great place to put all kinds of tools, use as temporary work place, etc.
    It's lowish to the ground...easy to get into...but since is a longer wheel base, it doesn't go over big rocks very well without bottoming out sometimes.
    It will PULL....I have 1000 gallon, 2 axle (steering and rear) metal water tank...pulls it filled...going weight down on pin hitch.
    Very stable on hills if you use a little sense...have never felt it "tippy" and have been on some steep inclines.
    Also handles 18 foot dual axle flatbed on ranch...for brush, lumber, lighter loads, can't take over 150 lbs pressure on hitch so no vehicles loaded on it.
    Actually MUCH smoother riding over ranch terrain than you would think...somehow, springs and longer wheel base smooth out ride exceptionally well over smaller irregularities, of course, slow down for easily seen holes, bumps, cattle trails, etc.

    The vehicle is just that, a's the additions that make such a difference..things I added.

    Hood rack
    use front receiver hitch for a carry all (like you see behind cars), use riser hitch to raise it up some, add plastic truck box for carrying project specific tools
    added lights on roof, front, side, rear...can't have too much light when out checking cattle at night.
    winch...never have needed, but it's there.
    gun racks...on hood rack, overhead under roof( 2 ), in rear opening...hold not only guns, but shovels, cattle prod sticks, ropes
    inside dome light
    fan to move air in summer
    rear mirrors, each side
    convex Mirror on post in bed so can see rear trailer hitch from driver's seat
    eye bolts on dump to attach things to.
    110 inverter...sooooo handy when you need to run power equipment out in the pasture...drill, electric chain saw, etc...battery will not support constant inverter use, but for short time uses, just great.
    small 2 wheel trailer, bumper hitch, for all those fencing supplies, wire, tools, posts, etc....extra, extra handy.
    5 gallon trash bucket in rear find trash EVERYWHERE...helps keep place clean
    tool box in rear bed...can't have too much rain proof storage space
    a strip across front dash with numerous pouches for all the small stuff...pencils, paper, bug spray, sunblock, cell phone, electric fence tester, gun oil,
    Same strip on rear seat, same reason...always things to stow, gloves, camera, binoculars, etc.
    an extra tire and CAN run over stuff, puncture tire such it cannot be repaired, thus need spare to avoid work stoppage/emergency fix...note replacement tires are not always available in small towns...I know.
    extra hand holds, passenger side, rear...handy for mobility impaired passengers comfort since it is open sided and they are not used to watching the terrain roll by so close

    Overall, an excellent work vehicle when set up for your particular needs, a work horse, not a play thing...the rear seat is WAY more handy than I ever thought it would be. It's the customizations I mention above that put this vehicle in the "pleasurable work horse" category for me. I did them pretty much all at once just after getting the vehicle...and use each and every feature, except winch, almost every day. I got the camo version...glad I did since I hunt with it too.

    I contacted about 6 dealers in a several hundred mile radius...some were willing to deal, some others were stuck on the MSRP.
    Beware of Craig's List...these are often scam listings...unless you see it with your own eyes and talk personally to the owner.

    Yes, it takes $ to get a new one with the features you want, but it has replaced my pickup on the ranch and is way more useful because I leave it set up with tools/supplies which are far more accessible than the bed of a pickup. It works with you and for you and doesn't get in your way.

    Can you tell....I'm sold on my RTV 1140 with my customizations
    Joy is having the tools you need and needing the tools you have!

    Kubota 5030 HSTC, BB, Danueser PHD, LA853 QA HD FEL w JD toothbar, 3pt chisel, 3 pt disk, 6' shredder, Kubota FEL hay spike, 3pt hay fork w carryall, Kubota RTV 1140

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