With a little over 2000hrs on my 2006 Gator I had to replace my original starter. Not too suprised as we use it every day and start and stop the machine faily often. Was pretty sure it was the solenoid that was not fully engaging, but was able to replace the whole starter with an aftermarket on ebay. JD doesn't sell the solenoid seperately. Aftermarket is asking $30.The Denso OEM starter from Deere runs $400. They started carrying an aftermarket themselves which they offer for $150. The ebay item was $75. Comes with a 1 year warranty so we shall see. It comes with the solenoid as well so I figured I'm getting a new solenoid, new brushes, and new clutch which I'm sure are somewhat worn on the old starter. Was easy to replace too. Remove the main 12 volt wire , unplug 12 volt switch and remove two bolts. Took me about 15 minutes.