My friend asked me to look at a 2002 Ranger 500 at the local Polaris dealer. He was attracted by the price, but put off by the torn seat and a dent in the skid plate at the front.

Once I learned about the interlock on the brake, it started and ran very well. The choke cable hung out of the dash, the wiper blades were badly worn, and the recent trade-in (on a new 700) carried on its undercarriage a fair amount of the soil and vegetation of the maple sugar operation which had been its home for ten years. At 1600 hours it seemed to have some running left. It has had one engine rebuild.

Two different staff at the dealership talked about a pair of Ranger 500's at the nearby Carp Landfill which have accumulated ridiculously high hours. One said the older 500 is about to turn 17,000 hours, though how they could measure that on a 1000-hour meter is beyond me. They have serviced these machines since selling them, and neither has had an engine job yet.

My friend likes my 2004 Ranger TM (600 hours) but freezes without a windshield on ice fishing expeditions, so this is his attempt to gain a lightweight, 4X4 windshield and roof. His 4Runner is too heavy for early and end-of-season jaunts on the lakes, in his opinion.

Is 1600 hours old for a UTV?