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    Default Kubota 900 Tire Question

    Once winter is over, I plan on replacing the tires on my 2007 900. It currently has the standard tractor type tread tires. They have done a good job, but I am thinking there may be a better tread out there. I also know that there are 2 different sizes front/rear. Is this a necessity? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    PS-I tried a search but couldn't find a close answer.

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    Default Re: Kubota 900 Tire Question

    You must have 4 equal size tires or you will damage your transmission and 4wd linkages. I have the worksite tire which is between the ag tire you have and the turf tires which I hear don't work well other than on grass and tar.

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    Default Re: Kubota 900 Tire Question

    Happy with the worksite tires on my 900. Took it up my icy driveway and had no problem in 2wd. Wife driving in L and going slow while Me standing on the back shoveling ashes on the driveway.
    Works great with a load. I have a 100gal tank on the back. No problems with it 3/4 full of sap and hauling up a snowy/muddy incline.
    They also don't tear up my lawn if I need to drive across it.
    All four are the same size.
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    Default Re: Kubota 900 Tire Question

    Pappy - In what way are you disappointed with the tires you have? Also what sort of work and what sort of conditions do you have to deal with? I have worksite tires on mine and about the only thing they don't do well is deep mud that won't clear...and even that with diff lock is manageable if I don't have a heavy load.

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