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    Default Just pickd up 2006 EZ-Go MPT 1200 w/ over 3300 hours

    Just brought this home over the weekend. I'm not at all familiar with golf carts, but from what I can tell, this one has been lifted and larger tires fitted. Tires, cowl, sides and seat appear to be all new. Also has what looks to be a new steering rack.

    Externally, it looks great!

    It does have some serious hours on it

    At first glance, the drive belt appears in decent shape (more on that later)

    It had electric power dump from the factory, put the actuator has been replaced with this cheap 600 lbs capacity one from Northern Tool. With any kind of load in it, it won't lift. I believe the OEM one is rated for 1500 lbs.

    Here's the original label

    I purchased it from a dealer in town that mostly sells lawnmowers and such, but he also sells these reconditioned EZ-Gos. He had about 15 to choose from, but this was the only one with the HD 1200 chassis and electric dump, which is what mom wanted (it is for her).

    It drives fine down in their parking lot, but once I got it home and gave it a good workout up and down hills and what not, I noticed that it was smoking real bad. Checked the oil, and it was way overfilled (about 1 full inch above to full mark). So I drained some to bring it back down to right at the full mark. Drove it around some more and it still smoked a little, but that might just be oil still in the exhaust. What did concern me was that the low oil pressure light was now on at low rpm when just creeping forward. Once you gave it a little more gas, it would go out.

    I also noticed that the drive belt would slip. When going up a steep hill, it would just kind of sit there and bog down and not move forward. If I turned sideways on the hill just enough to get going in "low gear", I could face back up the hill and climb it fine.

    So I dropped it back off at the dealer yesterday morning, and he says he checked the compression and did a leak down test, and "it is a strong motor with no issues". He didn't comment on the low oil pressure light (it only happens when fully warmed up). He did confirm that the drive belt was slipping, so he ordered a new one in. He said he would also rewire the actuator and that would fix that problem.

    I looked at the other EZ-Go carts when I dropped it off, and saw they had one with only ~700 hours on it. It was not the MPT 1200 chassis, and it did not have the electric dump, but was otherwise identical (lift kit, larger tires, poly dump bed, canopy, etc). I paid $4980 for the high hour one I got right now. He was asking $4300 for the one with 700 hours on it.

    Looking around, it appears that I can pick up a 1500 lbs actuator, toggle switch, fuse and wiring for around $200 so that I can convert the other cart to electric dump real easy, and basically save $500, and have a 700 hour cart instead of a 3340 hour one. I'd loose the 1200 lbs payload capacity (I think the other one is rated at 800 lbs), but I don't think mom will ever got close to that even.

    Dealer does include a 90 day warranty and ensured me that I will have no issues with the MPT 1200 once he is done servicing it.

    I think the engine is like a 12hp MCI 350cc twin. Supposedly they will run forever, but 3340 hours seem kinda up there to me.

    What would you do?
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    Default Re: Just pickd up 2006 EZ-Go MPT 1200 w/ over 3300 hours

    Wow. that seems like a stout price for a machine with those kind of hours and use. There is a reason folks "trade up".
    I dunno.....what do they sell for new?

    "supposedly they will run FOREVER". 3400 hours is almost forever on a gas engine. IMO
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