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    Default John Deere 6X4 Gator Oil Filter

    I just got done doing my first oil change on my JD 6x4 gator with the KW 18hp gas engine. A few days ago I went to the JD dealer due to not being able to find a aftermarket oil filter. I was given a filter with the part number# AM107423 that cost $7.00 dollars. I asked about a cross with another brand filter and the parts guy claimed it was only a dealer item. So I went right down to the local AutoZone and matched up the filter right down to the machine markings also both are made in Canada. Fram makes a filter # PH4967 which is the same pound for pound as the JD except paint scheme for about $3.50. If you want to spend extra money for better protection Fram also makes a Tough Guard # TG4967. The TG filter has a different color element inside and I would guess better filtration. As for the Gator HPX models I have no idea if they use the same filter as the standard Gator. But if you have a JD filter# AM107423 I would guess it is the same. Remeber that I make no claim how this might affect warranty. But if you can put aftermarket parts on a car then one should have no problem. Worst case I would change out the filter before taking it in for repair should you ever have to.
    P.S. Some might say that your not saving that much money for the trouble. After pricing out filter and oil at JD the total was going to be 15.00 dollars. How is it that I can run my fullsize truck to the dealer get a filter and 5qts of oil for $20 bucks. Yet, JD wants $15 for filter and 2qts of oil and I still have to change it myself?

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    Default Re: John Deere 6X4 Gator Oil Filter

    I just go to the NAPA store down the street and tell them what motor I have and they have a filter. They do not have a listing for a Gator though.

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    Default Re: John Deere 6X4 Gator Oil Filter

    Well now you can go down to Walmart and buy it for alot cheaper than NAPA could ever dream of selling it. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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