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    Default Re: Land Pride Trecker - UTV - Review

    Quote Originally Posted by depratt_equip
    Have you seen the new 20 series?
    Hey Jon, how about some PICTURES so we can all see the new 20 series!!!

    Snow Trac, the Swedish Snow Tractor, at Wikipedia
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    Default Re: Land Pride Trecker - UTV - Review

    Land Pride 20 Series Treker

    You can see several photos on the above link.

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    Default Re: Land Pride Trecker - UTV - Review

    I know this thread is old, but this info might be of use to someone. My wife and I bought a used 2006 Treker 4410ST at an auction in January. It had 268 hours on it and was really clean. The design looked very robust, but for my purpose I was concerned with not having a Hi and Low gear. We have large hills on our property. Turns out it was not a problem, it goes up and down like a mule (the four legged one). It is not a speed demon but for fun the rear end will fish tail in mud and snow when you floor it. My life with it after three months. I later discovered that one of the seals on the rear differential was leaking. Not wanting to take it apart I put in some AT-205. That seems to have slowed it down some. Hopefully after some time it will quit all together. The 20 h.p. Honda has plenty of torque. One day while moving it in the garage it quit running. Turned out to be a bad fuel pump. Cheap and easy fix for me. The four wheel independent suspension over rough terrain is smooth and fabulous. Overall we just love this machine.
    These reviews (and there are not many) were helpful.
    ATV & SxS Illustrated - powered by
    Treker 4420ST product review

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