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    Default 06 Gator HPX Diesel

    How can the 06 Diesel with a 850 cc (33ft lbs) engine only have 1 more lb of torque then 06 gas model with 617cc's (32ft lbs)?
    230 extra cc's only gives them an extra 1 lb of torque....

    I am interested in the Diesel but looks like I really do not gain much. The dealer could not expalin it.


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    Default Re: 06 Gator HPX Diesel

    Do not be fooled by this. The diesel might be rated at 1 foot lb. more PEAK torque, but has much more torque at other operating speeds (i.e., everywhere else). I have had both a gasoline and diesel Gator, and although they are similarly fast, the diesel had much more power when pulling or going up and down hills loaded. It would run circles around the gas engine in my habitat and do so on much less fuel. In this machine, gas is not bad but the diesel is the way to go if one has the extra cash to do it.

    John M

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    Default Re: 06 Gator HPX Diesel

    ^^ what he said. Having a flat torque curve is key.

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