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    Default 853 Auxiliary hydraulics and electronics

    I have an 853 made in the early 1990's that used to have aux. hydraulics. They were removed before i bought the machine. I tipped the cab back and noticed that there is a 4 spool valve that the hydraulics that control the bucket and loader come out of that still have 2 controls that don't have any linkage hooked to them and aren't being used. I can run new lines to get the hydraulics to the front of the loader where they come out. Can anyone tell me how the aux hydraulics are controlled? I don't have any kind of manual or electronic controls on either steering stick. Please help!

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    Default Re: 853 Auxiliary hydraulics and electronics

    the right steering lever has no rocker switches or a trigger on the front?

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    There are no electronics on either steering stick. Since I posted the original question, I have learned that the stickers on the outside say 853, but I sent the serial number to a guy that said it was an 843. After looking at numerous pics online I believe that it is indeed an 843. I haven't seen any electronics on any of the pics of 843's that I have seen. If someone can take a pic of the mechanical linkage from the hydraulic valve to the control in the cab or explain it to me so I could duplicate it I would be very grateful.

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