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    Default Bobcat skid loader 863

    Finished up a job with loader getting ready to load on trailer and brakes locked up. Checked fuses and traction fuse blown . Changed fuse
    Started tractor up and hit brake switch and fuse
    Burned again. Opened cab and solenoid in center of tractor burned up. Trip to bobcat for new solenoid and installed in tractor now brakes release but bucket not working . Any ideas
    Of what I should check next ?

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    Default Re: Bobcat skid loader 863

    What vintage 863 is it F or G? The F series has rectangular head lights, G series has triangle shaped head lights.
    On the F the control module is on Right Hand side of the seat, bolted to back of the ROPS and the indicator lights are on the module. The G series controller is down in the frame and the indicator lights are up on the left panel. Look at the lights when you try to unlock it, if the any of the lights are blinking count the number of flashs between each pause. The flashing light is an internal self-diagnostic indicator to what is wrong. Also with a G series there should be a code in the hourmeter display if you push and hold the head light button. No light on means no imput signal received. Light on steady means circuit made good contact, is working. Blinking lights are a problem and could be internal short to ground, short to power, or open circuit.

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    It's the g series thanks for info we wlll check it out to see if there is a code

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