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    Default Bobcat 863 Losing Power

    I bought a Bobcat 863 in the spring and put about 200 hrs on it with no problems , til now. Currently I have about 1,900 hrs on it. Anyway when I start to work it somewhat hard, it loses power and the engine sounds like it is going to stall out and the whole machine shakes. I am not in the least bit mechanically inclined to work on this by myself, so I will need to take it to the Bobcat dealer where I purchased it. When I work it and the engine falters and the machine shakes there is some black smoke coming from the exhaust (although not a ton of black smoke).
    It has gotten so bad that once this issue starts to happen it seems to lose power very easily when I am using the hand sticks to move forward/reverse. I do not want to use the machine again til fixed for fear of blowing the engine or something else. I did have them put in a new timing belt when I bought the machine 200 or so hrs ago.. From this very poor description of the issues, does anyone know what could be the cause of this? My fear is that this could be a major and expensive problem! All fluid levels are ok and the dealer performed a full service when I bought it from them. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Bobcat 863 Losing Power

    A weak or resticted fuel supply can cause this among other things, but fuel supply is usually more common. Could be plugged screen in tank or in supply pump (some 863s had screen in both & later ones only in the pump), restricted or pinched fuel line, primer bulb failing internally, or lift pump diaphargm getting weak.

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