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    Default Re: HELP! Bobcat S185 trouble

    Is the continuity at the pins of the controller or in the wire harness plug? What is the ohm reading, is it measureable resistance or infinite (dead short)? If in the harness plug, unplug the next connection back and check again, continue working back up the line until you find the section of harness with the problem.
    On the controller, those two inputs #1180 & #1190, take the voltage and reduces in to 10 volts in one and 5 volts in the other. These is likely to be some resistance checking to ground, put you are looking for a Short to Ground.

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    Well all is well again! I didn't want to but I hauled the Bobcat to town, they tried a used box and it worked charged me 1/2hr diagnostic time and I picked up a new ACS controller.
    Thank you SSdoxie for your help!

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