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    Default winter starting bobcat t250

    We just purchased a used bobcat T250 (1500 hours). It started fine when it was warm. However, we got a lot of snow and cold the past few days (finally). So I went to start it this morning to move some drifts out of the drive. It spun and burped but would not start. I tired to take it easy, but could not get it started. Worn down the battery, so I got the tractor and jumper cabled it for a bit. When it spun, it did not even burp -- not even a murmur -- sort of like it is not even getting any fuel. The fuel meter shows about a quarter of a tank, and we ran it pretty good about two weeks ago. Also, the oil is really thick -- and black. (I had thought the dealer changed it before selling it to me -- the ad said "fully serviced")
    We had a problem starting the tractor a few winters ago -- it would run and then starve for fuel. Something about a wax build-up from the cold weather. So -- do I need to drain the fuel and put in winter diesel, or put in an additive? How about changing the oil??? -- I'm looking at the synthetic Rotella.
    Any ideas would be really appreciated.

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    Default Re: winter starting bobcat t250

    Are you letting the pre-heat cylce work before trying to start? Turn it on without trying to start and watch the timer in the left panel. When really cold you may have cycle it on and off more than once to get enough heat. Turn it on, let timer run then jog the starter a couple revolutions, turn off and repeat process. If extremely cold and it has straight #2 diesel it may be "jelling", depending how bad it is adding some anti-jell may get it going or you may have to drain and put in some winter blend. If only at 1/4 tank, probably just add some #1 fuel to what is in there.
    Won't hurt to change oil if you're not sure when it was changed last or what was used, but you will want to get it running first and warmed up before trying to drain or it will take most a day to drain thick oil out the drain hose.

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    Default Re: winter starting bobcat t250

    Ennis: Thanks for reply.
    Yes, I am letting it cycle thruough the glow plugs several times before starting. I think it is the fuel, as the last several times I tried, It did not even cough -- so it must be starved for fuel. I'm going to add 5 to 10 gallons with an anti-gel additive. opefully, that will get it moving. Then I'll change the oil, after I get it warmed up Wish I had thought of all this before winter set it. Live and learn.

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    Default Re: winter starting bobcat t250

    Here is something I have seen with the Bobcats on cold days. There is a fuel solenoid that sometimes will stick due to a little water in the fuel. The cold will basically lock the solenoid so it cannot open when you turn the key to start the machine. On the Bobcat I am familiar with there is a small lever connected to a rod that opens the valve, you just pull that lever back and it will open the valve and allow fuel to flow. Then the machine will start. Another thing I would add to your T250 is a block heater, I just ordered one for my Deere 317 skid steer for $78 so they aren't too costly plus it will keep the oil warm and encourage better start up results. My Deere kinda stumbles for 30 seconds until it can pressurize the cold oil and get everything flowing good, hopefully the block heater will help my start up on cold days. As far as your oil being black, that is normal for any Diesel, my Deere's oil was black within a few hours of running it with fresh oil so I wouldn't be too surprised on that, it is very possibly that your dealer did perform the service as they had mentioned, it is just the nature of a diesel engine to turn oil black. Hope this helps!
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