Hi all,

Have some questions as my skidsteer is in need of some serious touchup. I have substantial rust in several areas, very pitted. Some rust in other areas, but not nearly as bad. I tried using a wire brush to remove rust, but that was a waster of time. I am going to try an angle grinder on those areas that have alot of rust.

So if I do get all the rust off and flaking paint what do I use for primer and paint? I was thinking just remove the rust and get down to bare steel and then use rust-oleum as the primer and buy a few spray cans of white paint from the Bobcat dealer. Is there a better or easier way? I want it to look good when done and last a long time too. I don't want bubling or flaking paint like I have now. Whoever had the machine before me did a piss poor job of touching up the paint and it is in pretty bad condition. I figure I will be painting about 40% of the machine as it stands now. Would it make sense to just paint the whole machine? I am not a painter, nor do I have any painting equipment.