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    Default Undercarriage replacement for mini excavator.

    I was looking online and found some information about mini excavator undercarriages and replacements but I was wondering if anyone here has an opinion on undercarriage replacements.

    I haven't had any problems with my undercarriage but I was reading here that it's good to replace it if it has been a while to prevent the risk of worn undercarriage parts. I haven't replaced the undercarriage yet but I was wondering how long after owning it should I think about replacing it?

    Thank you so much your help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Undercarriage replacement for mini excavator.

    That's a good question, and I don't have the answer. I have operated excavators and bid
    on one at auction, but never owned one.

    I can see examining the sprockets and tracks for wear, but a frozen-up bogie would only
    be visible when moving. What else are they referring to when you hear the term
    "undercarriage", and how do you inspect a used unit for needing replacement?

    Perhaps long-term excavator/bulldozer owners will chime in here.....

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    Are you talking rubber tracks or steel tracks?
    For rubber tracks there's not much to replace, if your having constant problems with your machine jumping tracks then you need to find the cause. Sometimes if your dealer is pretty good they will come out and give you an estimate of undercarriage life left for free.
    Steel tracks have more components in the tracks itself, steel tracks you have pins, chains, and pads. pins you have to have them turned or it will be bad in the future, Have to keep an eye on the chains for cracks, And pads wearing down and bending.

    Now rubber tracks it's just the tracks and that's it.
    Idlers cause the most track derailment. Bogies have bearings go out and flop around and cause uneven wear and horrible ride. Sprockets get worn the most as that's all the "drive"
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