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    Default 337 hydraulic drive idiot light

    I'm looking at a 2006 Bobcat 337 to buy. It has 3000 hours on it and looks in real good shape. I talked to the guy who traded it in on a new machine and he said he had no problems with it, just wanted a new one. The idiot light for the hydraulic drive system is on but no codes show up. Is there a possible problem? If so, what could the problem be? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: 337 hydraulic drive idiot light

    The only light that works, has anything to do with drive is the 2 speed (Hi-range) indicator light. It lights up when in 2 speed.

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    Default Re: 337 hydraulic drive idiot light

    On the 325 we have a light that lights up as soon as you drop the left armrest. That is just a sign that the excavator is now operational. In other words that the hydraulic systems can be used. As soon as you raise the arm rest the lights goes out. Nothing to worry about or non-error messages that you should look for.
    Why it is made this way rather then the other way around is a mystery to me. As indeed you expect a red/amber light to be a warning light telling you to stop. In this case it is a warning light telling you you can work...

    ...maybe indeed worth while considering at that moment if your break was long enough ;-)

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