For those of you that have ACS machines and don't get it to the dealers for service here is something you can do that can save you some big bucks.It may also speed up your cycle times. You can manuely calibrate your lift and tilt actuators. Your will need a helper or a bungy cord. Follow the steps carefully. Make sure the boom is DOWN You will not need to start the engine. Select hand control if you have a hand/foot machine. Turn key to on position. Lower lap bar. Press to operate.This will unlock the handles. Move handles inboard toward your knees and hold them. Do not release them till the process is com pleat. Here is where you need the bungy or helper to hold the right stick so your right hand is free.While holding the left stick inboard with your left hand and the bungy or helper holding the right stick inboard use your free hand to lift the lap bar up just high enough to make the lap bar light go out on the left display panel. Put the lap bar back down. Use your free hand again to press the press to operate button. This will start the calibration. Your will here the actuators moving. You will get warning beeps and the ACS light will com on. You can release the handles Calibration is now complete. Cycle the key off. Give it a try and see if its better.