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    Default HELP - Bobcat 553 won't move

    I bought an early 553 Bobcat a few weeks ago that wasn't running, and after putting a new injection pump and transfer pump on it we finally got it running like a clock today! BUT - everything works on it except it won't move!!!

    The serial number on this machine is: 513012935 and it has Bobcat's infamous and troublesome "BICS" computer on it. Lucky me - huh? NOTE:This machine has been sitting for at least 3 years, but we have reason to believe (trailer reg.) that it's been sitting since 2009. So here's what it's doing and what we found so far:

    1. The machine starts and runs fine and the bucket and boom work fine.
    2 . There is NO sound when you press the "traction lock" switch/button.
    3. We removed the control panel and checked for power at the switch and other wires and there is NO power to either wire going to the traction lock switch.
    4. The lap bar has new nylon blocks on, but they aren't touching the lap bar at all.
    5. When we ran a hot wire to on of those wires and grounded the other one we still got no audible indication that the TL system was releasing.
    6. A look at the BICS shows all the lights are on.
    7. I called a local Bobcat service dept. who told me to take off the cover plate between my ankles and inspect the TL solenoid?

    How can we disable the solenoid that locks up the hydraulics on this machine.

    I HATE this electronic crap on these Bobcats!!!! HELP!!! And please be specific!!! If I knew how to fix this thing or where all the parts are, I wouldn't have posted this!!!!

    Any good help on this will be sincerely appreciated.

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    Default Re: HELP - Bobcat 553 won't move

    Do you have the manuals? Manuals - Bobcat Company

    Three are available, expensive, but matched to your serial number.

    HELP - Bobcat 553 won't move-manuals-jpg
    Hold "Ctrl" (Control) and click on a picture or a Link, to open it in a new Tab.

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    Default Re: HELP - Bobcat 553 won't move

    Trace the wires that feed the solenoid a friend just spent $2,200.00 with the same problem by hiring a mechanic and trouble shooting for 3 days. It was a bad connection on the back of a fuse block. Your relay should send high voltage to the solenoid to activate then it drops to low voltage. It was the high voltage wire that had the bad connection. Good luck hope this helps.

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