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    Default I need your ideas on a Bobcat 642 Steam cleaning question

    Greetings again Folks,
    A number of you folks have been kind enough to help me out with drive chain questions on a recently aquired Bobcat 642. The info has been great and I have been doing some
    repairs to other parts of the machine. Today I brought the 642 in the shop, propped the boom, raised the cab and found 100 years of leaves, branches,
    oil, grease and the bones of a Tyronasourus Rex lodged under the cab. I prodded around hopping to find and opening through which I could push, break up and use my air hose to blow away the debris. That did not go well either. I tried to crawl under it to see if there were any openings, but I don't fit under it very well. Now, I know you guys don't let this trash build up to be six inches think like I have but I am left with the question of how the heck do I get this piece steam cleaned without getting my self steam blasted also. I have power washed and steamed a machine or two over the years but have learned that if there is no ware for the steam and waster to escape it comes back at me, or worse floods parts of the machine what were never designed to be under water. Your ideas would be very much appreciated.
    Have fun,
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    Default Re: I need your ideas on a Bobcat 642 Steam cleaning question

    I don't know if this machine has controlers . It is not good to wet electrical components. You have to be sure the covers for chaincase are tightly closed . I think somewhere on the chassis there is a hatch-gate .

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    Default Re: I need your ideas on a Bobcat 642 Steam cleaning question

    If it's like my 700, you have to change the hydraulic filter from underneath, so there is ample area to flush out debris. If you don't have an access panel on the bottom, you might have to prop the front up with the bucket and wand it out from the front through the back door.
    I hear you on the unpleasantness of cleaning blow back, I have an air nozzle with a long piece of fuel line with a slight bend at the tip so I can stay out of range, and I prefer the HF engine cleaning gun whenever possible. Sometimes though you just have to use a straight wand pressure washer and stand aside as best as you can.
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    Default Re: I need your ideas on a Bobcat 642 Steam cleaning question

    I feel your pain. It's one of the reasons I got rid of my Argo 8WD Diesel Amphibious ATV. No good way to clean the stuff you mentioned out of the belly pan.

    I have a steam genny, but have not used it in years. I had the lance sitting on something, it shifted and I got steamed on the shoulder wearing only a T-shirt. Instant, no-skin!

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    Default Re: I need your ideas on a Bobcat 642 Steam cleaning question

    Look on the very front right and left corners of the chain case frame see if there are removable covers there. If so remove those covers then with front slopping down hill you can work the debris out the front. Can also remove the center side access covers that cover the motors and work some of that out the side. And raising the front wheels off the ground and pushing the stuff out around the engine out the back door.
    With a really bad build up as described it will probably take all 3 of these options, positions to get majority of it out.

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