As these are new there isn't much info out there on their capabilities.

One thing I wanted to know before hand and couldn't find was actuall lifting specs. So last night my wife and I went out and performed our first test, form tiem to time I will get on here and drop what I coem across for those that are interested on this topic.

Bobcat lists the CT 440 with a LT9 FLE at 2,000 lbs. measured at the bucket pivot pin. We added a set of 2,000 lb capacity clamp on forks at 88 lbs for the pair. Then proceeded to lift a Bearcat 8" chipper (865 lbs.) The center of the chipper was approx. 22 inches out on the forks, with the bucket at 20 in. This means when you throw in the weight of the bucket you have roughly 1,400 lbs of lifting force at 42" in front of the bucket pivot pin.

So if you drop the bucket and put on a 8' bale spear (attached to a bobcat quick tach to keep the weight in closer) you should be able to easily handle two full size rolled bales at the same time (5'-6' high roll x 700lbs ea.).