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    Default Bobcat B250 problem with "push to drive" button

    I own a 2005 Bobcat backhoe B250. Everytime I push the "push to drive" button, it blows a fuse. When I try a bigger fuse, I seem to smell something burning, as if the wires are getting hot. Anyone have any ideas on this? Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bobcat B250 problem with "push to drive" button

    You have a short some where and putting a larger fuse in will cause something you whole wiring harness to burn/melt. New fuse $ wiring harness $$$$$. Take it to the dealer so they can track down the short.

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    Default Re: Bobcat B250 problem with "push to drive" button

    Hope you don't mind me cutting into this thread, but I have a question specifically about your b250--How well does the backhoe dig? Would you think it would be able to dig out a foundation for a garage/addition? Stumps?



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    Default Re: Bobcat B250 problem with "push to drive" button


    Saw your post in the construction area. I have an Earthforce EF3. Its basically a Bobcat B200 with Four Wheel Steer and a different loader up front. Hydraulics are the same as far as I can tell.

    Agree with earlier answer - you probably have a short. Take the dashboard off (just the cap) and see if some of the contacts are touching others or the steel dash - its pretty cramped in there.

    BTW, my green Push-to-Drive button failed intermittently. I traced it to a bad solenoid, the solenoid/relay to the far right in the top picture posted by Westcliffe01 in the other post (Construction Post). But I couldn't fix it (don't know how).

    I took to my bobcat dealer, who is real understanding about these machines. He thought it was the green switch, though I thought I had already ruled that out. Well he figured out it was the green switch and bypassed it with another momentary switch. Works like a champ.

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