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    Thumbs up Bobcat CT445 and Kioti DK45SE Observations

    After a long and arduous search, I thought I had decided to go forward with the Kioti DK45SE, then a friend of mine that runs a grading business suggested I look at the bobcat compact tractor line (manufactured by the same korean company as kioti). I did the research and wanted to report on some of the observations. Initially, I stayed away from them because I always found Bobcat equipment to be a little pricey, turns out that was not a valid assumption with regard to their compact tractors.

    These observations are based on a Bobcat CT445 (2009) and DK45SE (2010) which are basically the same machine built at the same factory in Korea

    First a few humorous obvious differences...
    The bobcat is white and the kioti is orange.
    A bobcat is a cat and a kioti (Coyote) is a K9


    Bobcat uses a rhino loader in place of the kioti loader, the specs are not as beefy as the kioti, it is rounded more like the New Hollands and JDs. The loader on the machine I looked at also has all the hoses wrapped like most of bobcats skid steers. (I am not sure if this is standard) The Bobcat is rated 2600 lbs at the pins versus Kioti's 2761 lbs. I was unable to find a bobcat spec on the breakout force, kioti's is listed at 3727.

    Bobcat uses a very nice suspension seat (seems to be the same as the one they use in their skidsteers), which has a weight adjustment to keep the suspension working regardless of operator weight. The kioti seat was comfortable, don't get me wrong, but the Bobcat seat has seems to have more functionality and for me was just a little bit more comfortable.

    The Kioti DK has the rear remote standard and it is an option with the Bobcat CT445. Bobcat also has a front remote option that is somehow integrated into the loader, but it is a little pricey > $1K? I decided against this one as it seemed overly complex to run a grappler or auger which is my intention.

    You can get them both with universal skidsteer quick connect, bobcat uses the same set up as their skidsteer, kiotis had larger handles. This was pointed out because bobcat parts are so easily available.

    The Kioti DK has the draft control which I am not sure is even available on the Bobcat. This kind of bummed me out as that seems like nice functionality, I am not sure why Bobcat did not go with it.

    The bobcat dealer claimed that when bobcat when to the kioti factory to set up their line, they made 100 improvements, one of which included waterproofing the connections. (I was not able to verify this information and was suspect of its accuracy)

    At least for now, the Bobcat only seems to be in Hydrostatic with cruise control, I know Kioti DK comes in Shuttle, not sure about hydrostatic (I think I saw something saying it is available). I was leaning towards the shuttle until I drove the hydrostatic with the cruise - very nice and easy on the knees. As I get older - this will become sweeter and sweeter...

    Both Kioti and Bobcat are very agrressive on pricing and seem to offer basically the same price. Both offer either a heavly discounted loader or 0% cash as well as significant discounts. The Kioti did come out slightly lower in price (my quotes after adding in the rear remote were about a $600 difference). Both dealers claimed they were offering the machines below cost, I am not sure if that is true, but they dont like to compete against each other that was very clear.

    Kioti is a 4 year warranty (2 bumper to bumper plus 2 more powertrain) and Bobcat is 3 (2 bumper to bumper plus 1 more powertrain).

    All things considered, they are both excellent machines. Really at this point I am almost splitting hairs. I am leaning very heavily towards the Bobcat and hope to get it either late this week or early next week. The main decision point for me was the Bobcat service and parts availability. Bobcat parts and service is availble for me from multiple locations so I have no worries there. The dealer I am working with also will offer free pick up and delivery on warranty service for the first year. There is only one Kioti dealer within 60 miles of me which would make service difficult, and if he goes away, I would be in a tough situation for service. He also claims the price he offered was so low he was not making any money on the sale which concerned me because he was a small one line dealer and if that is true, how can he stay in business for the life of this tractor?

    Please verify these observations and feel free to correct the record if I got anything wrong.

    All the best,


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    Default Re: Bobcat CT445 and Kioti DK45SE Observations

    Both Kioti and Bobcat have hydro and shuttle transmissions. (Bobcat 3 and 4 series only)
    Right now the Bobcat CT445SST has a free loader and a $1,000 rebate if you're able to use your own money!
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    Default Re: Bobcat CT445 and Kioti DK45SE Observations

    After comparing the two units myself, I purchased a Bobcat CT445. Better fit and finish, (look at hydraulic hose runs on both loaders), better FEL ergonomics, better seat. Paid a little more + added two sets remotes

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT445 and Kioti DK45SE Observations

    I compared the colors of Daedong tractors and bought the red one, I liked the color when the price was $3000 less than the white Daedong tractor.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT445 and Kioti DK45SE Observations

    Quote Originally Posted by krazsk View Post
    I compared the colors of Daedong tractors and bought the red one, I liked the color when the price was $3000 less than the white Daedong tractor.
    Did you mean the orange one? 'Cause McCormick now offers their X10 series of Daedong built tractors that are red in color. FYI, they come with a Woods loader.
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