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    Default Pallet fork recommendations?

    Hello everyone.
    I just got my first tractor, a new CT235, and one of the attachments I want to get ASAP is a good set of pallet forks.
    I have roughly 18 acres of woods I need to do some maintenance in, and would like to use the forks to stack logs for cutting/drying, move a wood hopper around in winter, as well as place heavy items in racks when not in use - snowmobile in the summer for instance.
    Wondering what people suggest as the best set of forks for the money?


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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    Everything attachments Compact Pallet forks. ( made by Construction attachments)

    Construction Attachments 42" Compact Tractor loader Pallet Forks CAL-1PFCMPSM42

    James K0UA
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img00069-jpg   -img00070-jpg  
    James KUA

    Kioti DK35se hydrostat with 2 QA buckets, 48 inch. King Kutter Rotary Cutter. 750 lbs ballast box. Loaded tires, Construction Attachments SSQA Lightweight Pallet forks. EA 50 inch single lid "wicked" Grapple. Satisfied Everlast PA160 welder owner How to add a link to a post . Best way to search TBN

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    I have these for my ct230 and I like them. Pretty good price too. They might be slightly heavier though.

    There also have 42 inch forks for a little more.
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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    I bought a set of skid steer forks off of craigslist for $300 but they are really too heavy for my CT230. I would go with something as light as you can find that can withstand your loader ratings so you don't loose a lot of lift capacity.

    It seems like when I was looking I found a set of 2000lb forks on eBay, I don't remember the name of the place but you might try searching there in addition to what k0ua gave you.
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    Don't buy a full sized 4000lb set of skidsteer forks but don't get bucket forks either. 42 inch light duty 2000lb capacity quick attach forks would be a good match for your loader lift capabilities.

    The ones recommended above from construction attachments look fine though I am surprised at the price as you can get a full sized set for not much more. Might be worth checking eBay too.

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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    I kept hunting for a used set but only found forks that were to big and heavy for my CK30hst(CT230 kin). I finally bought the EA ones mentioned by K0ua. They're listed as weighing 220lbs with a capacity of 1800lbs. They seem lighter than 220 if I move them around by hand. As Island mentioned, a 2400lb set isn't that much more but it's overkill and adding more weight for our smaller loader capacity. Mine work well for what the loader can handle.
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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    check out these from Berlon made for compact tractors(class 1)
    Berlon: Pallet Forks
    this one works well too
    Pallet Forks for Compact Tractors,
    as well as these

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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    Bobcat offers a set of lighter wieght forks specificly for the tractor, don't weigh nearly as much as skid-laoder forks. Price is is same ball park as Everything Attachemnts.

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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    If you're capable of making your own, get a set of forks & rails from atvexpress on ebay! ~~ grnspot

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    Default Re: Pallet fork recommendations?

    I bought at set of 48 inch forks and use the extra 6 inches often when moving things. When carrying full pallets they go all the way through and limit stacking some but when used for logs are helpful.

    just food for thought

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