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    Default Re: hidden grease zerk

    Quote Originally Posted by VictorW View Post
    Just in case anyone has missed it, just to the right of the zerk fitting is a bolt with a 10mm head facing backwards. You can use this to adjust how easy or hard it is to move the 3pt lever.
    Thanks Victor. That's one I didn't know.

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    Default Re: hidden grease zerk

    i personally hate grease zerks, i think i get all of them first time around, so to double check, i got back over entire machine one more time. and i end up finding more.

    you have your slow grease, for say FEL arms were the pins go to hold the arms to the frame of tractor and between FEL and bucket. same goes for backhoe boom and dipper stick and bucket.

    you have your faster grease, for say finishing mowers, were you grease each spindle (between pully and blade). on your PTO shafts between tractor and equipment. the PTO shafts move fast and would have the fast grease.

    bush hogs, normally have "gear boxes" that take #80 oil, so there really is not "spindle" like you would find on a finishing mower, so there really is not grease zerk to find between blade and pto shaft on a bush hog, exception PTO shaft.

    front wheel wheel bearings may have grease zerks, along with grease zerks were (forgets name) were the front wheels pivot from side to side. and may be up underneath tractor. if 4x4 or MFWD tractor, then you most likely have a transfer case that takes oil. and may not find grease zerks. though you might find grease zerks on the shafts that extend and collapse that go out to the front wheels i might palce slow grease in.

    if it pivotas or rotates, it either has oil, or most likely should be greased. steering wheels, and any linkages might have grease zerk. if tractor has power steering then perhaps not at the steering wheel.

    prefer slow grease for stuff that does not spin fast. and in that it helps to better lubricate and stays lubricated longer.

    prefer fast grease for stuff that really spins when in use. the metal more likely heats up from friction and use. and fast grease more likely to stay on the metal and help keeps things moving freely, vs flying off and not keeping things lubricated.

    fast grease vs slow grease.

    goto any hardware store, and the normally have atl east 1 to 3 brands. read the fine print, on each grease type.

    at moment only have one grease gun, but prefer to have 2 grease guns. so i do not have to switch grease. but i really do not hit grease zerks for the slow moving stuff all that often, or less i been in wet muddy stuff and working things to a point most of the grease has worked it way out.

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