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    Default ran out of fuel. need help to prime system

    Priming fuel system on bobcat 773 any volenteers

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    Default Re: ran out of fuel. need help to prime system

    Open the bleed screw of the top of the filter bass (small brass scre with either hex head or common screw driver slot) squeeze rubber primer bulb until only fuel, no air comes out the bleed screw. Close that bleed screw the follow the fuel line up to the injcetion pump, there you will find another bleed valve (knob on fitting that comes into the pump), open that bleed valve/knob and squeeze primer bulb again and until only fuel comes out, no air. Close the bleed valve and it should start. If still won't start then you may have to crack the fuel lines loose at the injectors and crank it until fuel starts spraying out of those lines. Then tighten them back up and your good to go.

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