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    Smile Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    Does any one have a new Bobcat back hoe out there? The new ones on the Bobcat web page look like 3 pt. hitch attachments instead of the frame mounted original units. If so , are they less expensive ? Are they less sturdy? and are they easier to attach?
    Thanks in advance for the info.

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    Default Re: Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    The backhoe is still the same sub-frame mounted.

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    I have one and it works well. It still has the sub frame, but it also has the holes to be installed as a 3pt mount. I have never used it has a 3pt mount however. Once you get used to the sub frame mount, it can be changed in about 10 minutes. I previously has another brand 3pt mount back hoe and it was a pita to take on and off. It could be don't in 30 minutes when the stars were all aligned and 2 hours when they were not. It had a pto pump on it however. I like my bobcat much better. Plus you can use more of the weight of the tractor when digging.

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    Default Re: Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    Believe it or not, I asked a dealer that same question this morning, because the Bobcat website says "3-pt. backhoe".
    He said they are indeed subframe mounted.

    Whatever you do, DON'T get a 3-pt. mounted backhoe. Subframe mount is much stronger and much more convenient for on-off.
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    Default Re: Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    I just got a quote on a 7TL BACKHOE FROM bOBCAT. iT IS $9000 for the hoe, subframe and 2 remotes. I am going to go and look at one this week because I have never seen THE Bobcat backhoe. I think that I am going to pull the trigger and get it. I was going to get a woods 80BH but the quote was $10,600 plus 2% of financed ammount. That was too much for me.

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    Post Re: Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Fortner View Post
    Is A 3 pt. less sturdy?
    Yes and they are more dangerous .
    There have been incidents of people getting crushed to death between the BH and the ROPS when the 3 point fails.
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    Default Re: Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?

    Is the new Bobcat backhoe a 3 pt. attachment?-img_1404-jpg
    I have a 8tl backhoe attachment. I just got it maybe two months ago....great digger for sure, and yes its subframe mounted.
    I am putting it up for sale though, too big for what I need....
    ...I have all the answers, can you wait a minute while I ask my wife?

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