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    Default CT 122 mmm

    Thought I read somewhere, somebody posted that the mid mount mower for the CT122 does not have greaseable spindles. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not. I find it hard to believe they would make the blade spindles non greasable? I've seen pics of the deck and it looks like it has access holes above the spindles?

    Is this deck very hard to take on and off?

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    Default Re: CT 122 mmm

    I have the 54" mmm on mine and it does indeed have grease zerks for the splines on the drive shaft and on the deck itself. I'm not sure if you mean the actual blade shaft but the ones for the pulleys are there. Also, as far as removal, its a PITA the first time. To put on a wish list, I would have the 'rollers' rotatble, similar to JD's so that you can easily roll the deck in and out from underneath the tractor frame. As it is, you have to drag it out. Give yourself plenty of room to manuever it. Also, I've left out the rear catch pin, and whilst you have it off, drill and install another grease zerk on the rear shaft, (that the shaft that lifts the deck). Mine seized, twisted and bent and I had to make a new one. The lone zerk doesn't distribute the grease enough for both bushings. Good luck.
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