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    Default Please help Bobcat B250 problem

    Hello I recently purchased a bobcat b250 tlb and reverse doesn't work. When I push the reverse pedal the backup siren works but nothing happens. All the other hydro functions work fine but what I did notice is that the yellow push to drive button lights up when engaged as usual, but cuts out when reverse is engaged and when the pedal is pushed all the way forward. When the pedal is pushed all the way forward the wheels stop spinning also. This leads me to believe that it is a electrical issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    Go on ebay and search for a factory maintenance manual for your B250. It is about $100. They have a separate parts manual and operator manual, also $100 each that I skipped. The manual will have a proper electrical and hydraulic schematic. Make multiple copies of the schematics and make at least 1 laminated copy of each to keep with the machine. Tracing the electrical stuff is tough, the harnesses are not great on these machines and who knows how many repairs they have had and how those were done ? The way hoses and wiring was routed means that one can easily damage both when driving through brush or from tree roots when dealing with stumps. These machines are not well suited for AG work without a bunch of work protecting things from damage from ground level.

    The one piece of advice I will give you is that if you need to make any hydraulic hoses, go here K Series No Skive Hydraulic Hose Crimp Fittings - Hydraulic Hose Hydraulic Hose Fittings, then scroll down to the DKOL fittings. They sell both the fittings and the 5000psi rated hose that is made for the fittings and they will send you a PDF with the correct crimp dimensions for the fittings. Pretty much anything else turns into a complete cluster, since no-one has these fittings or even knows about them.

    I bought a bunch of the fittings in straight and 90 degree in different sizes and about 80 yards of hose, so that I have the stuff on hand to replace any hose that goes down. Otherwise you quickly end up with the machine out of service for weeks at a time and VERY expensive repair bills. The local hydraulic shop made up 6 different replacement hoses for the backhoe off my fittings and hose and all it cost was $60 for crimping and for a length of vinyl coated firehose to use as an abrasion shield at the bottom swivel of the hoe. No more oil dribbles in the driveway now...

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