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    Default CT445 and the Kirkland 12877 battery

    Was going to top off the firewood supply for the house. Headed out to get 'Bob' (yep it's corny but that's what everyone calls it). Bob had very dim indicator lights and a clicking noise instead of the starter motor turning

    Grabbed the DMM, the battery read 10.7V, so oops, an open cell ...... no joy.

    Pulled the stock battery and of course no info except a Bobcat Part number and a Group 24 indicator.

    Decided to take a look around Costco's battery rack. They had no group 24 batteries, but had a group 34, 795 CCA for $84. A quick Google search showed Group 34 had the same footprint as group 24, but the group 34 batteries were 1" taller.

    Given the looks of the CT445 battery compartment it didn't appear the 1" additional height would be a problem, and sure enough it wasn't. The new battery dropped right in.

    Bob roared to life and things are good. Now we'll see how the battery holds up in real world use....

    I imagine this same battery will fit the 440,and 450 as well, don't know about the smaller framed Bobcat CUTs.

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    Default Re: CT445 and the Kirkland 12877 battery

    I took the OEM battery out of my Kioti after about a year since it was not cranking very well. Put in a nondescript Costco battery and it has been cranking like a champ for the last three years. I neglected to turn in the old battery and my son grabbed it and has used it in his Dodge van for the last year or two with no problems. These tractors must be a lot harder on batteries than cars are.
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    Default Re: CT445 and the Kirkland 12877 battery

    Know the feeling. Had to put a new battery in my CT450 yesterday. $109.00 for a group 24 battery from my local Ransome/Cat dealer. It was about $25.00 more than I wanted to spend, but I did get to talk to their service tech about my out of level loader and also about how to install a block warmer. With any luck, his advise was worth the $25.00!

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