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    Default cab for CTt230

    any good cabs for my CT230 out there ? Looking to stay out of the cold, also whats a good snow blade ?? Loader attachement or tractor mount ? The tractor has a loader. Thanks all of you are so much help on this forum

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    Default Re: cab for CTt230

    Check out Curtis Cabs,they also make a nice snow-plow.Not cheap but good quality.

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    Default Re: cab for CTt230

    Well, if you can stomach a carrot top, I'd highly recommend a Kioti comfort cab. There are apparently paints that could be used as well and the lid comes off very easily. I had one installed on my CK30 (same as your CT230) when they were $1500 off. So far, I've owned 3 tractors, a JD 955 with a JDP aftermarket cab, a CK30 with Kioti comfort cab and DK45 with factory cab. The comfort cab falls right in the middle, it is much more refined than the aftermarket cab, the sound level was much lower (although that could have just been because of the different tractor), and the fit and finish was much better. There is no A/C option and the sound level is still much higher than the factory version (I'm sure that's something that could be worked on).

    Here's my review of the comfort cab. At the time (not sure if that's changed), dealers got very little support with the install and I had some issues. With the help of people here on TBN, I was able to help my dealer fix the issues and I was fully satisfied with the cab.

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    Default Re: cab for CTt230

    With my CT230, the standard loader bucket works fine for moving snow if you don't have more than 100 feet of drive. I use the backblade for most of my snow removal, and the bucket for cleanup and moving banks. Angled, the backblade works for driving forward pulling for up to 6 inches of snow. More than that, and I run into a traction problem with too much snow under the tires for the weight of snow being pulled. Then I just swap the blade around and push backwards. NOTE: I HATE driving backwards as it's rough on the neck and back. So rather than do that, consider getting a front blade instead of just the bucket, or even go with a front mount blower.

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    Default Re: cab for CTt230

    I live in N.E. ohio and use my backblade to pull snow and it works fine. I just plowed 12+ inches this weekend. I have chains on the rear tires so I can pull any amount of snow. I also like to WD-40 the blade before I start so that the snow slides off easily. I have tried my box scraper to move snow and did not like it. I have also tried to use my bucket and don't like how it works. You lose steering and in heavy snow or ice it will push the front of the tractor to the side. Without the chains on my R-4's the tractor also slides to the side in heavy snow using the backblade. Chains are a must. I also do not spin my backblade. I can push snow in reverse no problem.

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